View Full Version : [ubuntu] installation problem version 10.10

October 30th, 2010, 05:13 PM
i just tried to install the new ubuntu desktop version 10.10 on my vaio laptop.
it crashed the installation. i do not know how to retreive the log files, so i do not know what is the problem. the OS is on my USB drive. So right now I can only trial use it. Someone told me to get the netbook edititon saying it will not crash. I tried getting that but when it is installing it says not enough space.
I do not know what to delete as i am new to ubuntu. I also have completely removed xp from the system so i have to get this ubuntu running.
On the trial wireless internet is not working...it only works with ehternet cable
my system is sony vaio centrino 1 gb ram . 80 gb hard disk.
what can i do i do?