View Full Version : [ubuntu] add 7-Point auxiliary keyboard

October 29th, 2010, 04:49 PM
I just purchased a 7 Point Spanish-German USB keyboard for use with my HP Dv2610US laptop. I already use an IBM Canadian Multilingual USB Keyboard which I can configure perfectly. But I cannot get this little 19 key add-on keyboard to be recognised by the computer at all,though when plugged in, it's LED blinks as if it is trying to communicate. But the laptop does not seem to recognise it.

I used to be an adequate HP RET-A, HP-UX/Tru64/Irix and Linux sysop, but I admity to being totally lost in tryintg to navigate the nightmarish rabbit warren that bloated Linux has become as it attemnpts to tempt Homer Simpson into the fold.

I am running 10.04LTS for AMD64 and the device is a Model 5880 keyboard made by www.7-point.com. Has anyone seen one of these and hopefully had better success than me?