View Full Version : wireless connection multiple users

October 29th, 2010, 12:54 PM
Installation was single user on 10.10 unity (netbook). I have a wpa-2 wireless connection with a long (50 character) random password. I expected, when adding a second user that at login they would automatically hook up to the wireless (that is what happened on previous non-netbook ubuntu releases). Did not happen, the wireless asked for the password. I had stored the password in the original login ~/Private -- which, of course is not accessible to the new user login. In a word frustrating, and to add to the frustration, switching to the original user did not connect wireless, nor did it give me access to ~/Private. Ultimately, from a fresh login, I used sudo to write the wpa passwordinto the second users ~/Documents directory.

Why is this the behavior for network connections in Unity? Alternatively, did I do something wrong in installation. The initial installation was with the RC release, but I have been regularly updating.