View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cannot mount USB floppy drive

October 27th, 2010, 04:32 PM
I'm using an eMachines e520 laptop with Maverick Meerkat just upgraded from Lucid Lynx.

When I plug in my USB floppy drive and insert a floppy disk, I hear the drive spin but nothing happens on the screen. It shows in lsusb as "Mitsumi SmartDisk FDD." A command to mount /dev/sdb results in spinning noises but no mount. When I try to umount I'm told that according to mtab it isn't mounted.

The same floppy drive, with the same floppy disk, automounts on a previously installed Fedora. I switched to Ubuntu because I was having trouble with networking, and I installed a lot of stuff in Ubuntu that I didn't install in Fedora. The networking problem has been resolved, but to go back to Fedora I would have to install all the stuff I now have in Ubuntu.

Is there a solution for the floppy drive problem in Ubuntu or do I have to remove Ubuntu and go back to Fedora?