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October 27th, 2010, 12:57 AM

I've got a HP Laptop cira ~2002 Anno Domini running Meekrat Xubuntu. It has a 900MHz AMD processor, slow, (hence Xubuntu) but manageable; untill it under-clocks it's self to 500Mhz (with minor bounces to 550Mhz, 650Mhz, and 900Mhz.) 500Mhz is enough for IM and text editing but as soon as I start Chrome everything slows to almost a halt.

I suppose in theory this could be nice (if it worked right) for conserving battery, but it isn't working right and I almost never use it on battery.

How can I tell whatever it is that controls the CPU to keep it at 900Mhz?

Dominus Vobiscum