View Full Version : [ubuntu] Using Colorgraphic Predator LT2 dualhead graphics card

Ralph Boland
October 27th, 2010, 12:20 AM
I am running ubuntu 10.04 on a AMD Athlon X2 245 dual processor.
I have been given a used Colorgraphic Predator LT2 dualhead graphics card
which I am trying to use in BIG SCREEN (2560 * 1024) mode.
When I boot however only one monitor is recognized (which works fine).
The other monitor prints:

Colorgraphic Predator LT2 PCI
S3 86C394 Video BIOS V2.1D.08-B00B15-0
(c) 1999 S3 Inc.

and a blinking cursor.

I searched the Internet and Ubuntu Forums trying to determine what
software I should install and run but could not make sense of the
bits of knowledge I gathered. System>monitors shows support for
1280X1024 and below but not the 2560X1024 I want.

Where can I find instructions on how to get this graphics card
or any) to work?

Should I instead buy a new dual head graphics card? Which one?
I don't need a powerful graphics card.
Should I upgrade to 10.10 first?


Ralph Boland