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October 26th, 2010, 03:46 AM

I've developed a program in Ubuntu and now I want to create a RPM with the binaries to deploy it in SUSE and Fedora.

My binaries are located here:


And I want to create a RPM that could place them into:

Nothing complicated as you see.

I've created this .spec file:

Name: myProject
#Icon: ./myProject.png
Summary: A project I did
Version: 0.4.4
Release: 1
License: Proprietary
Vendor: Me
URL: http://www.someURL.com
Group: Graphics
Requires: %{_lib}qt4>=4.6.3 %{_lib}uuid1 >= 2.17.2
Packager: Me
BuildArch: i586
BuildRoot: /home/me/myProject/

A project

%setup -q


rm -rf /opt/myProject


%dir /opt/myProject

* Tue Oct 26 2010 - Me
- Initial implementation

and, to create the RPM I do this:

rpmbuild -bb mySpecFile.spec

but this error occurs:
"There is no 'Source:' in the spec file"

which is dumb, because I specified the "-bb" param to indicate rpmbuild that I want to make a RPM using the precompiled binaries...

I also I'm not sure how to indicate the files in the %files section, even when I searched for a lot of examples in the Internet.
How can I copy my file located at /home/me/myProject/readme.txt to the installation's folder /opt/myProject/readme.txt properly, pls?
In Windows's NSIS The "File" must be used as "File /home/me/myProject/readme.txt /opt/myProject/readme.txt" which is pretty intuitive... but with RPM all is very complicated...

Please, any help indicating what I'm making wrong will be very appreciated.

ps: Is there any intuitive and easy-to-use GRAPHICAL tool to make RPMs, pls? Something like Debreate for making .deb files...