View Full Version : 10.10 won't connect to WLAN

October 25th, 2010, 07:52 PM
I've decided to try out Ubuntu again on my Samsung netbook. I tried 9.10 before and a lot of things didn't work so I gave up, but that was quite a long time ago and I wanted to see if the new one will work.

I booted 10.10 off the USB stick, don't want to zap my Windows 7 installation if Ubuntu doesn't work. Everything seems to run fine, the webcam works, wireless seems to work, it shows the networks in the range and allows me to pick the one I want to connect to.

Sounds good so far, but when I try to connect to my WLAN and put in my password it thinks about it for a while and just pops the password again. It can't seem to connect to the network even though it sees it and the password is correct. I triple checked the password, it's definitely correct.

I can only assume there's something wrong with ubuntu and the driver. I have a Samsung N140 netbook which uses Realtek 8192E chipset.

Anyone know if this can be fixed?

December 4th, 2010, 04:57 AM
Hi crotach,

If you are certain that yours is an 8192E chipset you should see something about Realtek: 8192 rev (01) going off memory when you run an lspci command from a terminal. It might be informative to see the output of the following commands in addition to "lspci" too:

lspci | grep network
ifconfigHopefully yours is a 32-bit version- those are much easier than 64-bit from my experience. Either way, you will want to look at these threads:



It would also help to review the threads tagged with "realtek 8192e". (Note: The Realtek 8192SE is a different chip and requires different Linux drivers):