View Full Version : gnome-panel bug

October 24th, 2010, 03:42 PM
Did someone from ubuntu team know maybe how to fix problem with gnome-panel ?
Problem is: when using gnome-panel in default settings is ok but when changing gnome manu to gnome-menu-bar (manu in bar not like is on original) than gnome-panel is not loading on boot some applet almost everytime ! sometimes want remove clock sometimes notification area...
"The panel encountered a problem while loading: CliclAppletFactor::CloclApplet"
"Do you want to delate the applet from configuration?"

Do you have some ideas ? or patches for that panel ? I saw that you not using gnome-panel in ubuntu 10.10 and there is still no update in your repo...

PS. sorry if I wrote in wrong section - I'm new here...

Thank You!