View Full Version : [ubuntu] Screen doesnt turn on, on boot

October 23rd, 2010, 05:35 PM
Hi all!

So i reinstalled a Acer travelmate (2310) for somebody and it is doing a way better job then Window$ XP. So for that i am very happy!

There is one thing though. When i turn on the laptop the splashscreen of the bios shows up and then the initial Ubuntu stuff happens. But then, right before the drum sounds start, the screen turns off and stays off.

I cant see anything and no matter what i do, black screen. The ligh that show disk activity indicate that the laptop is still running.

So i close the lid and open it and there is the screen. So if i put the laptop into sleepmode and wake it up the screen turns on and everything works perfect.

How can i fix this?

Thanks in advance!