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October 23rd, 2010, 01:36 PM
Hello everybody!
I have installed Ubuntu 10.10 on a USB 2.0 flash drive (8GB),like this: http://mac.linux.be/content/installation-ubuntu-karmic-koala-macbook-pro-31-usb-stick
The installation was successfull, but when i want to boot ubuntu, it shows the grub, and after it, an error message:
"You need to load the kernel first. Press any key to continue"
I've got a Macbook Pro 13'' (2010 edition) with a Intel processor.
my grub.cfg file is here:

# grub.cfg for MBP USB Install Ubuntu

# Timeout for menu

menuentry "UBUNTU MBP" {
linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sdb2 video=efifb agp=off
initrd /initrd.img
}Can anyone help me please?:confused:
Many thanks :)

October 23rd, 2010, 01:41 PM
are you sure that root resides on hd0,2 ? I would think, another number, like hd1,2? 0,2 is probably your hard drive, 2nd partition.

October 23rd, 2010, 01:49 PM
no, it's on sdb2 , sdc2,or sdd2 ,i have tried the three.
sda is the hard disk of the Mac.

Maybe you have a method for checking the disks letters? i don't know how to do it...:confused:
after the line " root=hd0,2 " there is a line "root=/dev/sdb2"
Do i need to erase the line "root=hd0,2" ??

October 23rd, 2010, 02:03 PM
This is how the grub.cfg on my MacBook looks like (boots from hard drive):

menuentry "Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-22-generic" {
if [ -n ${have_grubenv} ]; then save_env recordfail; fi
set quiet=1
insmod ext2
set root=(hd0,3)
search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set 7ad7bd93-0e40-4e1f-8c78-a543ed7c4d48
linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-22-generic root=UUID=7ad7bd93-0e40-4e1f-8c78-a543ed7c4d48 ro crashkernel=384M-2G:64M,2G-:128M quiet splash
initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-22-generic

you might want to change a few things. What definitely looks wrong is the initrd line, it should probablt start with /boot/initrd.img

Good luck, I am not very familiar with grub. I use PowerPC Linux much more often.

October 23rd, 2010, 02:12 PM
I don't know, i'm also not familiar with grub...:)
I've tried it, but it doesn't work.
In the installation, the /initrd.img is a symbolic link to the /boot/initrd.img file (i think).
many thanks for the idea :P

October 24th, 2010, 07:39 AM
Another suggestion?:confused:
Thanks :P

October 24th, 2010, 08:28 PM
It looks like an error in EFI bootloader or in GRUB... :(
No ideas? ](*,)

PS: Can't do it without EFI using another partition with the /boot folder- there isn't a universal filesystem fully supported by Ubuntu and Mac OS X. :(

November 14th, 2010, 11:49 AM
no ideas????

November 24th, 2010, 06:00 AM
Just want to let you know i have a Dell d620 with XP (hd0,1) and 10.04LTS (hd0,6).

Not sure what happened (windows update?)... something and now i'm getting the "You need to load the Kernel first.".

November 24th, 2010, 06:52 AM
OK, found it!

Maybe i did it, not sure (would still like to blame a Windows update somehow)...

1. Booted from the live CD.

2. Follow these steps to mount your hard disk and mount your Linux partition

3. Once mounted type

ls -la /media/sda5/boot

4. Look for the newest vmlinuz-2.6.##-## and initrd.img-2.6.##-## (for me it was 2.6.32-25)

5. Type

sudo gedit /media/sda5/boot/grub/grub.cfg

In my config file these lines pointed to a vmlinuz# that didn't exist on my hard drive!

root (hd0,5)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.##-##-generic root=/dev/hda1 ro quiet splash
initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.##-##-generic

7. Once corrected and saved, reboot.

Hope that helps someone.

November 29th, 2010, 08:13 PM
Thanks kayec
but on my installation (on USB pendrive )the grub.cfg is using a symbolic link /vmlinuz pointing to /boot/vmlinuz........ (the newest kernel).
i think it isn't the problem with my installation, but thanks for your idea!!
PS: i'm on a MacBook Pro...

January 29th, 2011, 08:17 AM
hey guys, I know that the thread is old, but... maybe i found something...
i don't know if it's correct, but rEFIt says"legacy os" and not "linux"... maybe the os must have a BIOS part that is missing on Mac? (a "legacy" support?)

maybe some other ideas? ;)


PS: sorry for my VERY bad english... :roll:

April 10th, 2011, 10:40 AM
No clue for this old thread...
I think the config files are correct, but the kernel can't be loaded for some reason...
Maybe the kernel is not compatible with the Mac???

i don't know... stupid EFI! :D

Waiting for ideas, guys... ;)

penguin 1024

PS: I've got a 7,1 MacBook pro with Intel... maybe the EFI firmware is too recent (Apple has changed something??)

PPS: again, sorry for my English