View Full Version : Ubuntu Parody Ads to Microsoft Ads

October 22nd, 2010, 10:20 PM
I am sure that everyone have somehow and somewhere seen the Microsoft ads slogan:

"[insert whatever feature here] was my idea".

Microsoft probably is trying to get everyone to believe that its products were created because of the users' ideas. My point here is not to bash Microsoft. They have all the right to try to win the support and $$$ of users.

That slogan makes me think of the FOSS and Ubuntu philosophy. I have to say that we can PROUDLY SAY, and without any false pretense, that

"I am part of Ubuntu"
"I am part of Compiz"
"I am part of Pidgin"
"I am part of FOSS"
"I am part of [Insert your flavour here]"

Because, we are ALL involved at various level in this great FOSS project.

Just a philosophical thought on Friday afternoon :)