View Full Version : [ubuntu] Think I broke my ubuntu

October 22nd, 2010, 07:22 PM
This morning I saw there was an upgrade, so I of course upgraded. Once it was all done, I rebooted.

Then when I tried to get back into ubuntu (desktop edition, not netbook, from windows using wubi), it kept putting into the gnu grub.

So I came into the forums and saw on the sticky thread that someone recommended copying the wubildr file from c://ubuntu//winboot into c:// to replace the wubildr file.

Well I did that. Now it doesn't even take me to gnu grub. It just says command not found, and then file not found.

On the bright side, I only installed ubuntu like a week ago so it's not like I have many files to lose (just the entire design for my new website, but I suppose I can recreate it...).

Can I fix this? Or am I gonna have to uninstall and reinstall it?