View Full Version : [ubuntu] ubuntu over powerline network

Rajan Varadarajan
October 21st, 2010, 04:06 AM
I recently installed 10.10 on a Dell Dimension 460 desktop. My problem is internet access. I have comcast cable internet access with a wireless router sitting downstairs. I have several Netgear XE102 powerline adapters for my network access. They work flawlessly with Windows XP or even Windows 7. The above Dell machine's ethernet port is connected to a Netgear XE102 but I cannot connect to the internet. I have checked Netgear site and they don't have any drivers for Linux for the device. I also have a spare USB MA111 Netgear wireless adapter but again that also doesn't have Linux drivers. I was using Windows XP professional on the above Dell machine until recently when the whole system became unstable with the video card drivers (I doubt a video card can go "bad" suddenly). It must be the driver with all the XP patches and updates. I would appreciate any ideas, insights, hints, etc.