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October 20th, 2010, 09:03 AM

I have an internal wireless card, BCW43xx, on my laptop which works fine, but I also have a Proxim WD-8470 with external antenna.

Every works fine, but was wondering how I can tell that it is actually using the attached antenna, cause I can't see any difference in signal strength when it is attached.

iwpriv returns no additional options for this or any interface.

Is there a special driver to use for this card so that I can have the specialised options?

Also, I try to disable the internal wireless, wlan0, by doing the following,
ifconfig wlan0 down in order to force it to use the Proxim card, but the damn thing keeps popping back up by itself. How do I turn it off properly?


October 20th, 2010, 09:17 AM
I'm trying to configure my wireless datacard.. But i tried a lot of things.. but it dint work still.. the modem details are:
Micromax MMX300C(click here for details of modem) (http://www.micromaxinfo.com/products/300c.html)
Though the manufacturer says its not supported in linux.. can something be done for it to work on linux.. I've been using windows only for internet.. I can't use linux just because internet doesn't work in it.
Please help me out.
Sorry for posting this here. As I cant start a new thread..

October 20th, 2010, 09:51 AM
Please don't hijack my thread.