View Full Version : [ubuntu] Slow internet connection

October 18th, 2010, 11:10 PM
I have recently changed from Windows 7 to Ubuntu 10.10, everything has been fine until today when i tried to download a couple of large files using various methods (torrents, ftp etc) and i noticed that my connection will not break 50Kb/s. I am currently using opera browser and i have noticed that it is also slower than what it was in windows. I pay for 20Mb/s broadband, sync speed with the exchange is usually about 13000Kb/s and the noise margin is always above about 6.5, so i am almost 100% sure it is not a problem with the actual internet connection. I am using wireless broadband my laptop uses the intel pro wirelss 3945 chipset and all drivers are up to date (i think). Dont usually like posting things like this on forums but i am very confused with this one. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: i believe i have put this in the wrong part of the forum :(. sorry guys. Some extra info - i have also noticed that my laptop is disconnecting then connecting again every so often.