View Full Version : [gnome] Gnome Panel missing application icons, chat bubble menu and Power Menu

October 18th, 2010, 05:00 PM
Help I've been fiddling with my system and messed it up. I'm new to ubuntu, but have been using linux on servers for a few years. I'm not sure of the correct terminology so I'm including screen shots to explain what is going on.

First System specs:
Ubuntu 10.4 LTS x64 Lucid
Core i7-970
Nvidia GTX 480
Dual Screen with Twinview
Nvidia proprietary dev driver 260.24 (64-bit)

Now what I screwed up.
First major customization was ppa:goehle/goehle-ppa customizations for keeping evolution open after closing main window. That worked fine until I started messing with getting hibernate working.

I never got hibernate working even after installing linux-generic-tuxonice.

It gave a warning about usb09 not stoping. the only things that I have in USB are keyboard and mouse.

Then I started getting the error shown in Screenshot-error.png.

Trying to fix this I reinstalled the evolution customizations. the error persists and now the panel is messed up as well. I'm not getting either the application icons, or the menu with the chat status, of the shutdown/restart/lock screen menu.

Gnome-panel-old.png shows the way it used to look with the problem areas highlighted. Gnome-panel-error.png shows the way that it looks now.