View Full Version : [Q]Touch Does NOT Work Properly in 10.10 Netbook edition

October 17th, 2010, 04:06 PM
Hi all..
I am very very new to linux and this is my first experience in linux..
I preferred to start with UBUNTU 10.10...
I downloaded the last release of 10.10 netbook and desktop edition.
I have a TABLET WIN7 PC, it does not have any Keyboard and it supports multi-touch, and works properly on Win7.
My Tablet name is THD PX1 with 1.66 Intell atom processor, 1 GB Ram, 256MB Intell 3d Accelerated VGA, 160 GB H.D.D and 3*USB2 and ... ( And at the back of my Netbook wrote that it supports LINUX and Win both)
After I started the netbootin and provided live USB Netbook UBUNTU edition, I used it on my tablet and started it.
When I logged in, I faced with a STRANGE, REALLY STRANGE EVENT...
You have to put 2 fingers on it to work as a touch screen tablet,else it does not work as a touchable tablet... And it is not multi touch... YOU HAVE TO PUT 2 Fingers ON IT.... !!!!
I attached a Wireless USB + Mouse to it and try to install UBUNTU on it, maybe it works, ( I HOPE), but steel it is downloading the updates in installing process.. :(
What Should I do..???

March 6th, 2011, 11:03 AM
Hello guys. I have Thd px1 tablet also and multitouch dont' work correctly too... Please, help me.