View Full Version : [ubuntu] The application of Ubuntu 10.10's setup doesn't stay up. Please help!

October 14th, 2010, 09:00 PM

I tried installing Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Version, AMD 64-bit via CD. The time it actually started, it went till about 40% when it stopped and said there was some error with my HDD or my CD drive and that setup would have to stop.

So, I rebooted my Pc with the same disc (after cleaning it a little) and Ubuntu loaded. After the desktop had loaded, Ubuntu told me that there had been an "irrecoverable error" on a previous installation attempt and as a result, this start would allow me to examine the error or try to reinstall Ubuntu".

But, the trouble is, whenever I click the "Install Ubuntu 10.10" application on the desktop, or via the System tab, there is a short flash in the taskbar of "Starting Ubuntu 10.10 setup" but then that goes. Nothing. The app doesn't actually start. I can't see its window. There is no trace of the process in the System Monitor either.

I checked GParted, and it is showing that the Hard Disk on which I was trying to install Ubuntu earlier, is still "Unallocated Space" and the Disk Utility says so too... although going to the "Computer" menu, there is a File System with the size of my HDD and it does have a few files and data on it, albeit unreadable.

What is happening here? What is going on? Please help!