View Full Version : Upgradeable - Free Software Mobile Phone?

October 13th, 2010, 09:08 PM
Android is Open Source mobile phone operating system project. But the phones running Android are not really free.

When I would buy a Google G1, then I wouldn't even get a root account. I would have to hack the bootloader first in order to get a third party operating system running. What a mess, it's MY phone. That's not freedom.

I like to have it the same way I can use a computer. With a computer I am free to choose Windows or Linux or whatever. It's possible to delete, install and even multiboot any operating system I want, without hacking and without violating anything. Changing the operating system also doesn't risk to brick the hardware.

There is the openmoko project with Neo FreeRunner, but the project seams inactive and the hardware is outdated anyway. Rather there aren't many apps for openmoko.

I described what I mean with free. Are there any recent and decent free mobile phones out?

October 13th, 2010, 09:17 PM
not bloody well likely! The phone is NOT a computer. IF you want something you can upgrade and use as a computer as well as a phone, there are alternatives including PDA's. I have one and have used it as a phone (using a web phone account). But then that will cut you out of the carrier's app store.

A true ALL IN ONE mobile device is just around the corner and there are many that are almost there NOW. (Netbooks have the right idea .. just not the processing power and battery life needed.)