View Full Version : [ubuntu] Failure to boot after several reboots on a dual install with Windows 7

October 13th, 2010, 09:08 PM
All right, the situation:

New laptop (Dell Studio 15 -> Intel I5, 4GB DDR3 Ram, Ati HD5470, ...) with Windows 7, and as I need Gcc for my C++ classes at my university, I wanted to dual boot Linux (Virtual is an option, but having it "native" will sometimes "force" me to learn to use Linux, so...)

So I create a seperate partition, install Ubuntu, use Startupmanager to set Windows 7 to default, I reboot, Windows starts, all is well. I reboot: Error: "Operating System Missing".

So I reinstall the Windows 7 MBR, and thus I have to install Ubuntu all over again because that partition is "unfindable". Reinstall works, everything works, I use startup manager again, an hour later after a reboot: The black screen + blinking white cursor error. So I fix the windows MBR YET AGAIN, and it works again.

Try number 3: Same as try number 2

So the problem: Every time I dual boot, the MBR gets screwed, I have to use the windows recovery disk to restore it, and I "lose" the Linux partition...

Anyone else had this problem? I seriously want to double boot 7 / Ubuntu, but with these errors it's plain impossible, as the MBR keeps on getting messed up.

Any ideas on this?


October 13th, 2010, 10:11 PM
Boot into windows and look for dell data safe.

You can just reload the grub bootloader to the mbr like you did with the MS bootloader. If it is grub2 here is a link. You would do this after removing the dell data safe if that is the problem.

You can also post the bootscript in my signature if you are still having problems. Post it in code tags as described if you can.