View Full Version : stuck with background after 10.04-10.10

October 13th, 2010, 08:21 PM
I was running 10.04 Netbook remix on my toshiba Nb305 in a dual boot with Windows 7 Pro 32bit on a 1.7ghz atom processor. I have grub 2 running and prior to the 10.10 upgrade i had run all the 10.04 updates.

The 10.10 update appeared to have run smoothly and seems to boot ok but all it does is load my old background picture from before and none of my launcher bars or top status bar(sorry if these aren't proper ubuntu terms but the side netbook bar for app launching and standard top bar), mouse or keyboard.

I do know things are running in the back as my dropbox has shown that it is updated files in the back (also telling me wifi works and settings transfered). The only thing i can do is hit the computer's power off button and get the standard menu options in ubuntu for that but i have no control as i hve no mouse or keyboard control.

Also note windows still launches fine from grub so that is not corrupted at all.

Any suggestions?

October 21st, 2010, 07:00 AM
So an update i have figured out that everything is still running i just have no UI in place. i get asked for my keychain password now, can use a shortcut key to launch google chrome which runs, my dropbox updates, can log out no problem and if i has multiple users could switch just fine.

I just need some way to get the netbook UI to come up as there is nothing on screen but it seems the OS is actually running just fine and handling commands. If i could get to a terminal window i might be able to get some stuff done if anybody has any suggestions.