View Full Version : [ubuntu] Desktop Wireless

October 12th, 2010, 04:58 AM
Hello everyone,

I am a beginner to Ubuntu and just started using it a couple of weeks back. Things were getting little interesting, but then I ran into a problem. I had a wireless adapter for my desktop and it worked fine with Windows. Then I decided to wipe out the windows and go with Ubuntu, everything looked alright. I did not install the driver for it, but somehow Ubuntu figured out, it showed the available wireless and got connected too. I use the motel wireless so it has to got through a disclaimer thing every 24 hrs. for the first time for the day, whatever address you type it directs to the disclaimer thing and after we agree the terms and condition it allows us to browse the internet. On the browser when i type www.msn.com, at the status bar it first says looking up for www.msn.com, after few seconds it says connecting.., and then it says looking up for etho server (i.e. the motel thing and every computer has to go through it once, and then it never loads the page.
What could the problem be, cuz it says internet is connected and finds website but times out during the process.
Thanks for the help!