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October 12th, 2010, 02:59 AM
Testimony for 10/10/10:

I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on the tenth late at night. Everything went

smoothly. Of course I like to do things my own way and while FF and Evolution are nice I use the Opera all in one Browser so I have no need
for the Evolution envelop on the tool bar. I removed that with this command
leaving the volume control: sudo apt-get remove indicator-me indicator-messages that done I installed the following:

In Synaptic install HP GUI Printer
Flash Player Plug In+Flash Player non free

I like the trash bin on the desk top so I did this:

Trash Bin on Desktop Alt F2 //gconf-editor//apps\nautilus\desktop\trashcan visible.

Interesting the printer set up this time required no tinkering it just worked.

No need to enable the archive-canonical partner repository in software sources then run the update and install commands because the choice was made at the time of the clean install.

This has to be the easiest clean install ever.

Bravo Ubuntu team. :)