View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.10 has Artheros Drivers!

October 11th, 2010, 08:19 PM
Many of us faced a new problem when we switched to Ubuntu 10.04.
We discovered that there were no native driver support for the Atheros Wifi chips. We found a thread authored by DRPJKurian that taught us how to load the madwifi drivers. And after following his instructions and others our netbooks had wifi.

Ubuntu 10.10 has drivers for the Atheros wifi chips. Yesterday I confirmed this by Googling. I then downloaded the 10.10 Net Book Remix and put it on a flash drive. I booted my Acer Asprire One A0751 off of the flash drive and logged in as the use ubuntu with no password. I was next prompted for my network WPA KEY. Also, the wifi led at the bottom of laptop was FLASHING.
I put in my WPA KEY and I was immediately connected. I roamed around some and then proceeded to install Ubuntu 10.10 NBR.

Now, my experience so far is only about a days worth. However, my Netbook now connects to my Wifi router almost every time and the signal strength (as measured by left clicking on the wifi Icon) has increased by 15% to 20% (from about sixty feet away.
Only once has my netbook not connected (yes I verified the key).
When this happens in Windows 7, it recommends that you reboot your router (power off, wait 10 seconds, power on) and the same works here.

So, if you have a laptop/netbook with the Atheros Wifi chipset it is worth the effort to try version 10.10.
Now, of course I have temporarily lost the GMA500 drivers but, that is a task for another day.