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October 11th, 2010, 10:50 AM
Hello everyone,
Today morning I have installed notebook remix. I have few questions and problems
1. How to add search applets to unity panel, not launchers.
2. System seems to be little slow. when I click on applications and file n folder icon I can see those apps and folders but often they appear just like text without icons
3. How to start evolution in background run in background?
4. I have configured empathy but cant log in to gmail account. Rest all works fine. As soon as I click apply it shows network error but gmail works fine in evolution.
4. When a contact appears online my mail icon blinks instead of the icon with chat accounts
5. I cant see plymouth theme while booting up, all I can see is a blank screen till the login window for about 25s.
6. How to install a theme for grub?

I'm awaiting for your kind reply. And please post any link for ubuntu unity documention
Thanking you :guitar:

October 11th, 2010, 11:12 AM
unity, pretty much sucks. your better off with the desktop version. you can add a dock if you want, there are several to chose from.

i been using dockbarx, there's the unity theme if you want that look, but there's several themes to use. i have the netbook version now, but i'm planning on installing just the desktop version later.

the best thing about using dockbarx is it's a gnome-panel applet, so you can mix in any of the other applets if you want.