View Full Version : [ubuntu] Usesless sound appplet/same old sound controls as Lucid

October 10th, 2010, 11:16 PM
Upgraded to 10.10 today-no real probs-got the error "check your internet connection-unable to download update" several times, succeeded in starting downloading the update on 4th go, but stopped a after a bit-said it was unable to download some settings (cant remember which now).

Downloaded and installed fine at next attempt.

Upgraded ok, but I was expecting to be able to access rythmbox controls from the sound control applet and to have a new style sound control (I have seen several 10.10 previews), but just have the same as before and the sound control applet has changed to a whiteish square with an unreadable pic in it-basically it doesnt look like anything to do with sound-how can I change it to a speaker or something?