View Full Version : [ubuntu] FTP Stops transmitting data.

October 10th, 2010, 04:57 PM
At home I have NAS, QNAP TS-410 to be more specific.

When I connect to the ftp server by "locations->connect with server" and then copy/cut a file and place it on my desktop or any other location the server starts to transmit the data. Only most times after a few MB have been send the transmission sort of breaks and stops... The bar keeps at 5.1 MB for example and does nothing further... Also on the system monitor I can see that there is no futher network activity anymore.

Can anyone help me with finding the reason why this transmission breaks down? I have namely no problems in Windows with this. So I think it is very likely that the problem is on my side and not the NAS.

October 15th, 2010, 12:37 AM
I'm also sure that it isn't my NAS because Filezilla hasn't got any problems with transmitting the data...

So something must be wrong with the ubuntu build in ftp service...