View Full Version : BlackBerry Tethering (Boost Mobile...)

October 10th, 2010, 07:08 AM
I know you have to use Sprint's settings for it, but I've always have trouble trying to get Berry4All to tether my phone and establish an Internet connection.

My phone is a prepaid-type of phone. (BlackBerry Curve 8830)

I know you have to dial or use #777 for Boost as it is a part of Sprint.

(BTW, I'm on the CDMA network of Boost. NOT the iDEN network.)

I've heard that some folks have had some success with using PDAnet with iPhone on Ubuntu (or some sort), with bluetooth... Is it possible that I can do this as well?

I'm using Windows 7 (As of now) to tether my BlackBerry to my computer with a program called Tether. I had to shell out some money and I was wondering if I can use Tether (Probably HIGHLY unlikely) with Ubuntu by establishing a Bluetooth Connection?

I've heard that Sprint disabled PAM on Boost Mobile. (It's a prepay, and I understand that..) If I can use Tether on Windows for a connection, why not try Ubuntu? I mean...there's always a way.