View Full Version : [ubuntu] Getting mac data on a linux drive

October 8th, 2010, 10:24 PM
This is, to say the least, an eclectic question.

I HAD an old XP server which had a Mac volume. Ya, that's toast and I don't miss it. I still saved the old .BFK backup file which contains mac volume originally named macvol.bfk (very creative of me :)

I still have an old mac laptop which wants that data. I DON't want to setup another XP server. I've had enough entertainment from that system.

Is there a way I can make Ubuntu become a mac server and somehow extract the .bfk data to that mac volume so that the data forks are preserved and then have the laptop read that volume and copy the data over. Of course I can extract it using XP workstation, which I still have but it loses the data fork.

I am SURE I am describing a convoluted situation and I know there is an easier way of doing this. Thanks.