View Full Version : package list for ubuntu 10.04 LUCID LYNX

October 4th, 2010, 01:57 PM
I am not a guru linux user but still am very fond of linux.
Planning to make a linux users` group- named Auranagabad Linux Users` Group.
I am collecting some packages (mainly debian)for UBUNTU LUCID LYNX
please pen down some useful packages,
packages may include
necessary stuff,
things that may invoke interest in LINUX
ANY GOOD STUFF you wish to add.

here is my list-

anjuta - development ide
apache2-doc - apache documentation
apache2 - web server
audacious - open source alternative to winamp
audacity - edit media files..(cut, modify, insert and everything you can think of)
banshee - another opensource alternative to itunes
blender - creating 3d objects and models

clamav - antivirus removes viruses from windows also
compiz - desktop effects
ddd - front end to gnu debugger
eclipse - development environment for java
emacs - gnu open source editor..

g++ - c++ compiler
gdesklets - gives ram usage and other system information
glest - a game similar to age of empires and dota..( not very advanced though has basic functionality but good graphics)
gnochm - reading .chm files..
gnomebaker - tool to burn and modify dvd's
gsynaptics - tool to modify and change touchpad drivers on the fly
jedit - editor
kaffe - java development software
kdevelop - similar to microsoft visual studio
kstars - desktop planetarium
ktoch - typing tutor
mysql-server - open source alternative to sql
octave - open source alternative to matlab
orage - desktop calander
qcad - open source alternative to autocad
qtoctave - front end to octave
sauerbraten - a first person shooter game
smplayer - front end of mplayer.very powerful and flexible media player
ssh -
stellarium - planeterium
sun-java6-jdk -

ubuntustudio-desktop - themes for ubuntu

vim - editior

vuze - torrent downloader
w32codecs - Codec to play all kinds of media format
wifi-radar - tool for connecting to wireless networks
wine - opens .exe files from windows..