View Full Version : [ubuntu] Grub 2 error: file not found

October 2nd, 2010, 05:37 PM
So I did a search but couldn't find anything specific to my problem. I had a botched 10.10 install and now when I boot, my computer skips the bios and jumps right into grub rescue, with a file not found error. Most of the normal terminal commands don't work, and honestly I am kind of a newb so I don't know many. when i type 'ls' it lists all my partitions but nothing else i type seems to have any affect. I have a working windows 7 partition and then nothing else that's bootable, is there something I can do from this menu? I can't seem to get the computer to boot from cd again but is there a way to do this? Should I remove the harddrive and reinstall linux from another computer using my hd as an external?

thanks in advance.