View Full Version : [ubuntu] pure-ftp with postgres install help

September 29th, 2010, 06:49 PM
Looking to run pure-ftp server with a postgres backend database which is already in use working. I installed have the following installed;

p mysqmail-pure-ftpd-logger - real-time logging system in MySQL - Pure-F
p pure-ftpd - Pure-FTPd FTP server
i A pure-ftpd-common - Pure-FTPd FTP server (Common Files)
p pure-ftpd-ldap - Pure-FTPd FTP server with LDAP user authen
p pure-ftpd-mysql - Pure-FTPd FTP server with MySQL user authe
i pure-ftpd-postgresql - Pure-FTPd FTP server with PostgreSQL user

The 1st question is do I need to have pure-ftpd installed? I would think if so, aptitude would take care of that, but now I can see the following in ps;

pgsql:/etc/pure-ftpd/db/postgresql.conf -l pam -u 1000 -O clf:/var/log/pure-ftpd/transfer.log -E -8 UTF-8 -o -B -g /var/run/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.pid
If you do an /etc/init.d/pure <tab> it autocompletes with; pure-ftp-postgres which you can start/stop, etc. I did say start (which you can see from the PS), but if you try to connect you simply get a 'connection refused' . And under /var/log/pure-ftp there is nothing and nothing in the messages file.

Anyone running pure with postgres, feel free to throw out .02 ...