View Full Version : Scottsburg has 2 Lunux Users

September 29th, 2010, 02:08 AM
Good evening...today using "wubi" I installed Ubuntu 10.4.1 on my son-in-laws computer. After cleaning out all the spyware, running a registry cleaner/defrager and defraging the hard drive. I downloaded wubi to a folder on the desktop of Windows Pro XP-sp3, Executed it, and had some coffee and cigaretts and conversation with my "son" as we answered the occasional prompt and let Wubi do it's thing...

It installed inside Windows very nicely (on a pieced together piece of "c**p" computer - not a "store bought") with no error logging. He is almost convinced to wipe Windows and go Ubuntu-ing...LOL (everybody sing) Ubuntuing we will go...Ubuntuing we will go..

We now consider ourselves the "Scottsburg Linux Users Group" or "S.L.U.G." for short...of course that is what some of my ex girlfriends have called me so I take that as a compliment...laughing...

I dual boot WindowsXP Home-SP3 & Ubuntu 10.4.1 LTS.

My wife won't let me touch the laptop. I want to load a "lite" Linux of some sort on it. It's a 2004 Dell Inspiron 1000. only 512MB of ram...

SLUG away y'all...(I'm almost a Louisville 'Slugger')
Larry in Scottsburg