View Full Version : [ubuntu] VPN (L2TP) help

September 28th, 2010, 11:29 AM

I want to set up a VPN server to serve 2 purposes.

1. To act as a VLAN for LAN-games over Internet.
2. To act as a proxy for my friends abroad, to access webservices in our homecountry.

I want to use L2TP since this is supported native by Windows Clients and also iPhone etc.

I've Found some guides etc, but I find them a bit hard to understand.
Can someone write down or point me to a really easy to understand howto or something ?

My home net setup looks like this ...

LAN net is:

[Ubuntu Server] <-> [HomeRouter] <-> [internet]
The server does no routing today and only uses 1 nic.

I want to use a "new" network for the VPN .. ie. or something.

BR. Andreas