View Full Version : Our Only Home - Not-For-Profit Documentary - Released

September 28th, 2010, 12:45 AM
I am happy to announce a project in the making much of this year is released. "Our Only Home" is a documentary made by Alan Taylor and his crew, including myself, about Earth and the environment.

It was made by friends of Alan and members of Tree Of Souls and Avatar Forums communites. A very polite bunch who made this project a great amount of fun to work on! I was orignally slated to provide footage, concepts, and score the film, though I lost recording equipment and time to do so due to the house fire back in May. However I did manage to contribute footage to the project. I am credited under the alias "Týrol".

Please watch and enjoy. Though note I am not an environmentalist, I just enjoy nature and like the idea of collaborating on a project with several good friends. It turned out quite well. :)