View Full Version : [ubuntu] Find Original Contents /etc/exports in Lucid Lynx 10.04?

September 26th, 2010, 10:43 PM
So I upgraded to Lucid Lynx 10.04 ... during the upgrade, it asked me if I wanted to keep my modified /etc/exports file. There were a couple of new entires in the /etc/esports file from 10.04 that I did not have, but I did not note what they were. So I selected "open a shell to inspect" (or similar) and it opened a shell, then I simply made a copy of my existing /etc/exports file.

After I exited the shell, it continued the installation as though I had some how resolved the conflict (I had not). Now the /etc/exports file is my original, and I do not recall what the additional lines that were in the /etc/exports from the 10.04 upgrade.

When I run dpgs -S /etc/exports, it tells me no package provides this file.

So, where can I get the original contents of the 10.04 /etc/exports so I can see the new lines and determine if I need them or not?

Here is the current contents of my /etc/esports:

# /etc/exports: the access control list for filesystems which may be exported
# to NFS clients. See exports(5).
# Example for NFSv2 and NFSv3:
# /srv/homes hostname1(rw,sync) hostname2(ro,sync)
# Example for NFSv4:
# /srv/nfs4 gss/krb5i(rw,sync,fsid=0,crossmnt)
# /srv/nfs4/homes gss/krb5i(rw,sync)

What ever lines 10.04 wanted to add are not there. Please help me to know what I am missing?