View Full Version : [ubuntu] multi monitor problems

September 26th, 2010, 06:23 PM
Hi folks: Got a problem.

I use a multi-monitor setup, using a nVidia 7300 card, and 2 monitors. Every once in awhile, several problems with the mouse will crop up.

#1: It will 'stick' in on or the other monitor, and nothing I do can make it return to normal. It seems if I click repeatedly on some parts of the desktop, it'll stop the problem, but that's not consistent. Sometimes I've had to log on and off to clear it up.

#2 At times in XFCE, the left monitor's positioning is off. So if you click on an X in a window, it may not work. But if you move say an inch to the left, it will.

#3 Sometimes my mouse is in the left monitor, and if I go up to the top, then I can click on the menu panel on the top, /right/ monitor. (Sounds like a variation of #2)

I've experienced this in 3 different GUIs. XFCE 4.6.0, Gnome 2.26.1, and KDE 4.4. So I'm thinking it's a lower level, like maybe it's X doing this. But I've never seen anything about this. I was briefly on 9.10 until it stated having the shutdown problems, and these problems was on on it too.