View Full Version : [ubuntu] Exim/Courier Imap Problem

September 23rd, 2010, 10:35 PM

i have a problem with my Ubuntu Server and Exim/Courier Imap Mailboxes. I use Thunderbird as my Email Client and have three IMAP Accounts. Two from other Hosters and one of myself. The Account of myself have the problem. In Courier there is the Folder called "Junk". I setup in Thunderbird that Junk goes to a Folder called "Spam". I unsubscribe the Folder Junk in Thunderbird but everytime the Folder "Junk" is coming back and is subscribed. I dont wanna have this Folder subscribed because the Server filters Messages to there BEFORE i get Mails in Thunderbird, so i would like to have:
Server filter Messages to "Junk"
Thunderbird gets Messages and if i mark a Mail as Spam the Mail should go to Folder "Spam"

Sometimes there are 1000 Mails in Junk Folder and i dont wanna get all this Mails in my Thunderbird.

Anybody can help me?