View Full Version : [gnome] Gnome acting weird

September 21st, 2010, 02:22 PM
Hi. Im not the most advanced linux user so forgive me if I am a bit dense at times:)
I installed Ubuntu 8.04 a while back, did a bunch of upgrades I think to 9. something at one time or another. I have never had a problem until just recently. I tried to install a 2007 wireless USB from linksys. After playing around with it, installing the drivers as per some ubuntu help forum I could never get it to work and gave up on it. Since then, however, gnome has not been acting right. When I boot up into gnome I get no icons, I get errors about it not being able to load up any menu bars.. I do get the desktop picture though. Switching into a new log in console does no good as I continually get errors about I/O from the hard disk. Killing the x-server does no good as well, since the I/O errors from the hard disk don't allow me to log in. I have to turn off the computer at the switch since I cannot even do a shutdown. If I choose KDE at login it works fine, everything is there and everything runs, every time. I used apt-get to reinstall gnome and it worked perfectly... once. Then on following reboot it was back to being broken again. I deleted my .gnome2 and .gconf settings hoping that would fix it, it did not.
I like gnome better than KDE and I would love to get gnome working again. Leaving it broken bothers me anyway, and I also don't want to have to reinstall it every time I boot up. So, can anyone help me to figure out what is wrong here and how to repair gnome?