View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu - Where is the space going

September 21st, 2010, 03:43 AM
Ok. Did this today on a 7.5 GB Ubuntu partition as system had complained once a few days ago about low space:

Checked space occupied by / : 6650 MB, incl /home which doesn't contain much data other than dot files, firefox cache of 70MB, no mails and about 20MB of other user files. Dot files account for about 150MB. /var cache is empty.
Reinstalled ubuntu completely from 10.04.1 iso: 2371 MB, just default install without dot files or user files, no updates, no extra applications installed.
Reinstalled all extra apps that were there before reformatting: 3112 MB, /var cache not cleared (about 150 MB files there), no updates installed.
No changes made except /var cache cleared: 3113 MB.

So if the system is back to what it was before being reformatted, where was all the extra space of almost 3.5 GB being used or utilised.

As mentioned before there are no user files except the hidden dot files in home which includes firefox cache.

Any ideas.