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September 21st, 2010, 02:19 AM
Ok guys here is the issue. I just built a new HTPC. Plan is/was to have a stand alone XBMC system.

So i downloaded the XBMC Live ISO. Burnt the CD blah blah blah easy stuff went just fine.

It is my understanding that XBMC live cd is designed so that you can boot directly to XBMC without having to start Ubuntu and then XBMC. I THINK/THOUGHT it was a stand alone type deal.

If you are familiar with live XB cd you get several options. Processor matched with Graphics card. 4 different combinations, then at the bottom there is an option to install it permanently to HD.

Now for the problem.

When i select an option i get the pretty xbmc loading logo as if the system is about o install. But then all of a sudden the command terminal comes up . Not a separate window, i dont know the terminology but its as if it booted in msdos.

When i get the Terminal i am asked to punch in user and password. Which is preset as XBMC.

So i punch it in, but once i do all it does is bring up next command line


I swear i searched and searched but there is nothing like this in the FAQ or install directions. I am very confused. What if anything did i do wrong???

In fact i even tryed to install rather then boot form CD but i still getting the same thing. WTF!!

If i confused the hell out of you ill get some pictures jsut say so.

Thanks for the help ahead of time!

May 17th, 2011, 02:54 PM
this post is very old but i am posting here because i have the same problem ,much bigger problem and am new to linux.as thought no one has answered this post.i have already asked this in xbmc forum but they also have no reply.