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September 21st, 2010, 12:00 AM
Hi guys,
(been a while....)

I'm building an "Über" media centre (again; the last one broke), and nearly done.

The idea at this point is that I'd like to have a number of media centres/players installed on the system, & the user can switch between them as she/she sees fit.

There's good reason for this:
* Because I can
* Freedom to pick & choose, willy-nilly
* If one centre/player crashes, the user can simply switch to another
* If one player does not fit the bill, or is unable to do what's needed, then others are available

So far, I've installed & successfully tested the following systems individually:
* Boxee
* Moovida/Fluendo
* BeexBox Enna
* (soon) Myth

The base-system was installed from the minimal image (with SSH server, of course), so there's absolutely no needless clutter on the box to slow it down.

All I need to do now is enable the ability to use <ctrl><alt><f5>-<f8> to switch between each system running on a separate TTY.
I've managed to do this on a previous system I build, & it worked well, up to the point where the HDD crashed & I lost the config.

Any help with setting this up would be appreciated


- J