View Full Version : [ubuntu] Windows 7 Installation 64 bit ?

September 20th, 2010, 01:01 PM
Hello Ubuntu :)
Was wondering if someone might be able to help out. I notice a while back that this said not recomended for daily desktop usage 64 bit. I have a laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I don't think I can install the 32 bit Ubuntu on my laptop, because it is a 64 bit system.

Is it safe to install the 64 bit Ubuntu ?

Why does it say not recomended for daily desktop usage for 64 bit?
I don't have a desktop, but would it be a problem if I use it on my laptop for daily use.

I never saw this with the past Ubuntu versions. I have used those 64 bit versions on my laptop without any problems.

Would appreciate any help on this matter.


September 20th, 2010, 01:52 PM
I'm not sure why the 64-bit edition has that disclaimer attached, some have speculated that it could be to do with the issues with Adobe Flash.

Personally, I've been using 64-bit edition as my daily desktop operating system since Lucid was released, and never had any problems.

Depending on your processor, 32-bit would work for you. I had Karmic 32-bit installed on my 64-bit system.

September 20th, 2010, 04:20 PM
Thanks lechien73
I manage to installed the 32 bit Ubuntu, and did some updates.
Seems to be working fine.
Have a great day!