View Full Version : [ubuntu] timezone hang on install

September 20th, 2010, 03:38 AM
New..old user, that is I haven't been active with linux in almost 10 years. What happened to linux running on nearly anything?

I've been trying to get Ubuntu installed on a desktop. Primary use, desktop and possible ventrilo server. Not a priority project, in fact the first time I tried was with v9.x. I hear Ubuntu is the most user friendly distro out there. I've had success with fedora, suse and a couple others but ubuntu continues to give me a hassle.

Booting from an ISO, the install hangs after I select a timezone. This is a ~6 year old emachine. I could get board specs if needed. Harddrive and mem pass diags. The CD is fine as well as the two drives. I've tried not selecting anything and just press next, same result.

Is there a way around this? is my hardware to outdated? what happened to CLI installs?:popcorn: