View Full Version : [ubuntu] Home no longer accessible

September 19th, 2010, 07:01 PM
Hello friends,

I goofed considerably. :confused:

Anyway, I moved my Lucid to a larger disk and since I had a number of glitches in my previous install (thunderbird, firefox and printer did not act as supposed), I thought I start on my new 1TB disk with a 'virgin' ubuntu and gradually move my /home/tux from the old to the new one. In order to achieve that, I somewhere found the advice to rename my virgin home dir /tux into /tux.original and copy the old tux in its place (still and first with the name /tux.old). Worked fine until I had to reboot for some reasons and (needless to say that being a single user I am using the auto.login) now I am stuck with a sort of Lucid background - but no way to access anything else...

I guess (hope) this is only a small issue, but my trying has not been very successful. :(

Thank you in advance!