View Full Version : [ubuntu] quad boot help!!

vinay nadig
September 19th, 2010, 12:51 PM
hi, i have been using ubuntu for 2 months now and am very happy with its performance :)
i currently dual boot xp and ubuntu on my 160 gig HD, recently i brought a WD 500 gigs HD and am planning to move windows completely to it and quad boot 4 linux distros on my current 160 gig HD.
the reason for quad booting is that i want to learn linux as a whole and not just ubuntu..
after much googling, i have selected 4 distros for the installation
1 ubuntu (obviously.. :D )
2 backtrack (dont raise ur eyebrows!! ;) )
3 fedora
4 openSUSE

i am pretty comfortable with the command line interface and would really like to give this a try.. :)
all i want to know is if there are any known problems with what i am about to try and also the order in which i will have to install them (so that all the distro names show up in the grub menu choices).

the detailed list of my hardware through the lshw command is attached with the post.
any help would really be appreciated!!
Thnx in advance! :)
Cheers!! :P