View Full Version : [ubuntu] LGW2230s was working - but not now?

September 16th, 2010, 11:59 AM
Hi, I have been using Ubuntu for just over a year and have not (until now) come accross any serious issues - because of this, I could really do with some help resolving this problem.

I plugged in a new monitor yesterday (LG W2230S), all was fine for the whole day, resolution was perfect and as normal, Ubuntu just seemed to deal with it.

Turned computer on this morning, and it refuses to set the correct resolution (1920:1080)

After loging in and whilst the welcome splash screen it originally showed:

X server could not suport the stored configuration for monitor (or something similar)

Going to the screen settings, it shows the monitor as unknown (which it did yesterday) and the resolution settings in the drop down are a lot lower than what was shown yesterday also.

I've had a look over other threads and can't seem to find any answers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.