View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ipod Touch Support - Mount Points

September 8th, 2010, 10:35 AM
So I haven't touched Ubuntu since 8.04 from memory, popped this on my second laptop to run MATLAB mostly. However, I'm also trying to get my ipod touch 2G syncing with the system.

I finally got the thing working through GTKpod, by editing the mount point GTKpod looks for. In this case it is /home/fraser/.gvfs/Fraser

I want to be able to change this to /media/IPOD if possible, as most programs seem to be using that as their default. Exaile has an ipod plugin, however I do not have the option of editing the mount point in this, I am not sure why?

Also, RhythmBox does not sync the ipod either (although it does know the location). I get a peer dbus error 1.62.