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September 7th, 2010, 08:15 PM

I'm using Gnome and KDE because some applications like Kontact & Kmymoney, Kraft and some more integrate very well in KDE but don't do so in gnome. Overall for sparetime & pleasure I much prefer the gnome Desktop.

Now this situation of switching between Desktops gets annoying:
- It#S hard to synchronize Emails between KMail & Evolution
- same with notes (Zim & Basket)
- it's hard to have a productive workflow with all the different designs and functions

1. First I tried to make KDE & Gnome look & feel the same. KDE seems to be able to use Metycity - but it doesn't work right:
- Metacity doesn't find any Icons in the appearance configuration for GTK while in KDE. I couldn't find any KDE panel WITHOUT glass or transperency effects to match the Ambiance theme. I can't get the short info mouseovers to look similar or even be readable ...
it's a mess!

2. I tried to integrate the important applications into gnome -
ssems not to work properly: Kontact won't work with any of gnomes notes, time tracking on working on different Desktops won't work, Emails won't be send by KMail correctly, nepomuk and akonadi are running in the background without use for the desktop .. it's probably just me not able to wiork all that stuff out but I guess it's not really possible to make all this stuff run properly.

3. I tried to integrate a the gnome things in KDE - this is probably the way to go! I can use Guayadeque Music player, and some more without that tight integration. But I can't get a simple and clean look & feel on KDE 4.5.1: All the desktop themes won't avoid transparency I always get these popups without beeing able to style them. Don't get me wrong: Great stuff for eyecandy lovers, but I'm a bit impaired with my eyes and need it clean and simple - something like the light or dark standard theme on Lucid Gnome are great but there's no way to get a simple llok like that running no KDE. I guess it's just me, but I can't do it. Any documentation I find is not helpful yet.

My questions:
- Is there any COMPLETE theme that's simple like a gnome theme (including the panel) for KDE 4.5?
- Is there any good and up to date guide how to integrate KDE & Gnome with each other?
- How can I integrate metacity (compiz + metacity + fusion icon - all installed) to work with the KDE desktop (Nautlius doesn't find the symbol icons of the standard theme and uses some fallback!)

Any information is appreciated!

thx for reading,

September 7th, 2010, 10:26 PM
Compiz works fine with KDE, however, kwin is much better. I don't think metacity works with KDE and isn't fusion icon just a way to control compiz?

All regular KDE apps work under Gnome and all Gnome apps work well under KDE. You don't have to sync two mail clients, just use one of them. You can use

September 8th, 2010, 01:35 AM

thx for your answer!
So Kontact works well in gnome? How to do that?
I understand I can use Kmail (I actually do) but I don't understand how to integrate all the other components.

the integration of Kaddressbook with the other apps like openoffice skype and so forth ...
the knotes
the time recording of the task component ...

Is there a tutorial that I didn't find?
This would be perfect If i could still use the KDE apps with the slick appearance and feeling of gnome!

any hints?
thx so far,

September 9th, 2010, 11:17 AM
Maybe this is too much questions in one thread, I will split it up to different threads to follow different approaches.

thx anyways,